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File: 1411240670137.jpg (457.45 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, This is what we like.jpg)


"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."
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If Amazon is processing it, generally yes.

If it's another seller or Bambino directly, then it *should* be but obviously there's a risk that isn't there with Amazon direct.

File: b90b7df56d3945c⋯.jpg (168.72 KB, 1176x930, 196:155, greedy cringe_632931808102….jpg)


>beeing a fakey bitch who sells her used panties over tumblr

>degenerate beta-males actually pay real money for it

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>more omegle adventures

You both like abdl.

Stranger: Hi :Roleplay. One day I am in school. I am in the preschool class helping the little kids. The teachers has to leave. So when the new teacher comes in she thinks that I am one of the little kids. If you want to play just say yes kik or here

You: so you're like 1ft tall then?

Stranger: I guess

You: so then you're a dwarf?

Stranger has disconnected.



I fucking hate that nigger, pops up all the time.


>ok this isn't abdl related by i won't to know what the fuck this is when i go on omegle

Stranger: [tru luv]

… Imma gunna find tru luv, AND YU CANT STOP MREEH!!11 >=O

in fact, i's so dedicated to tru luuv that muurder and ending the wooorld just to be with my one tru luv iz a small chore~

humhumm YunoGasai dun diddly already did the above =3= phoey, i's outclassed, darn!

(TRULOV) is the sacred promise "Togeether, Foreever, No matter what". Every other visage of "loove" is a mirage, a lie, deceit, fiilthy deefacing! A FORGERY! A KNOCK-OFF!

(R0MANCE) is the action of, proving TRULOV, through saacrifice, paain, triaals, and other efforty ways

(DEVOTION) is the action of, turning your back on frieeends, faamily, career, belieefs, the entire humaan raace, moorals… Just to pursue your goal.

i'z devoted to romaanticaally being tru luv :3 can't devote to two things >w> so ima be devoted to one person.. cum (inside) and get me? o3o


hushy wushy bluushy wordies! … woofies? cooties! … cuties?.. foxie foooffs ^owo^

iunno, cute words n whispers in your ear? >w> … iunno, tentacleees are so snuggly~ <3

You can tie a rope to me and make me yours forever~ I can be Yo-your toy~

The yo yo… is a cuute toy that always comes back <3 and is on a leash anyway~ Nya.

d-devotion .A. … luuuv, looyalty, faithfuulness, fideelity, commitmeent, allegiance, deedicatioon, devoutness… roomaancee… blaaa *glomps chu*

I moaaan and blush like an anime girl ._. .. probably >_>

I'ma Tad'a crazy to make me that much more fun~! … or mabi there'z a method to mi madnezz, MUAHAAHEHEA

if yu is superficial baka that cares about anything outside of "loyalty" or "personality", dieeee!! in gazolinee11! ima burn yee11! luv defiler!!1


raep is sadz, yu steel virginiityy, and it's not yurss, nuu, put it back wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



D'aww, I'll get you so steeamy, and moaaany, and squiirmy, and poouuty~

It'd make for the beeest snuugles evaar!

And I'll keep teaasing you over and over, for hoours, you'll quiiver, and shiiver~

Spread out some, and clamp slightly tightly on me~ Latch on, cliiing~ chu heaart opens up, and chu desiire meh mooore~! <3

You want relief? Too bad, None yet~! I'll keep you like this, keep you drunk on this luuusty desiire… 'till you go maaad~!

And we'll do this every day and every night~! Togeether, just the two of us~! Foreeeeeeever!

And then we-l… ooh what chu doing, is chu raepin meh for release? cyoot, chu ish raepin' meh. =w= *moaan*bluush*spluurt*

Purr murr n stuff of fluff!

Dear gosh this is so steamy @w@

So letz handcuff me to you, and you to me, destroy the key, so we can never be apart, ever~!

D'aww, did you get all steamed up? For a twenty-one yeeah' oold?

Well das' cyoot, you wanna mahe my luv antenna peek out of the tent so you can rub sum luv on it? >w>

Mhm *nod* I'm sure it's pretty receptive, fully able to give and receive luv~!

Obvioously, luv meaans bein together forever, just us~ No one-night stand booolsheyt!

Ofcooourse I's sluuutty, duh! How else would I be able to consumaate my looveer's love every day @w@ you'll be so aching for mooore~! <3

Buuut I'm sluuuty juuuust for yooou~! Assuming you can make and keep the TruLuvPromise >w>

Uhh… I'z LooveSmeexual! If ther'z luv, I'd pleasure it till it cuums a hundred times~! <3

If yu has a love rod, Ima rub it so geentlyy.. >//< .. A cuunny? I'ma make it soo weet~ x//x

I'd do aanythinng I have to, to pleease my looveer… And I'd deeeply enjoy iittt, hn~! <3

Hoold you on the edge, for hoours… And make yu peek over and over~! <3 Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 71049958a5e41a0⋯.jpg (144.34 KB, 647x629, 647:629, spect.jpg)

File: 3868ce09b3bbe06⋯.jpg (218.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


you wake up to find all humans on earth dissapear except you. where do you get your diapers now? also now since people aren't here to judge you, how would you wear your diapers.

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okay op here. everyone answer this question


What if the Earth had been taken over by Catgirls that seek to kidnap and regress you into their own baby kittens?



Can I be a girl kitten? I want to be a catgirl too.




absolutely not. look. all i wanted to ask is what would you do if there was noone around to judge you for your love of diapers or your other weird tastes



Why didn't you just ask that in the first place instead of creating a convoluted scenario where most people would be thinking of survival first, seriously concerned with being the last person on Earth, most likely looking for other people, and probably thinking of cooler stuff they could do with no society what so ever, instead of a fetish?

If you're the last man on Earth and one of your first thoughts is "Sweet, I can wear diapers wherever I want!", you're probably not going to survive more than a few months at best.

Also if I did wake up as apparently the last man on Earth, I'd be to concerned with accidentally coming across other survivors that might be out there to go around wearing diapers. Seriously, if you had even the slightest thought that other people could be out there, how would you explain that their fellow survivor is ABDL because you're running around the empty Earth in a diaper? Again, fetish would be one of the last things on most people's minds in such a scenario.

If your fetish is a primary concern in a post apocalyptic setting, you're not fit to be in a post apocalyptic setting and your thinking is rather small.

Honestly, I think the catgirl scenario was the better idea in this thread.

File: 50bc9974dd9550e⋯.jpg (31.96 KB, 300x427, 300:427, 1483291518261[1].jpg)


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File: 66266876b2cf7ea⋯.jpg (2.48 MB, 1000x4075, 40:163, tim_page001_lr2_by_dyperdr….jpg)

File: 0798aead0294419⋯.jpg (831.23 KB, 700x1777, 700:1777, tim_page002_lr2_by_dyperdr….jpg)

File: 0ecb4d7b8001676⋯.jpg (742.75 KB, 700x1607, 700:1607, tim_page003_lr_by_dyperdri….jpg)


File: d213c79a2d69fd7⋯.jpg (925.48 KB, 700x1903, 700:1903, tim_page004_lr_by_dyperdri….jpg)

File: 92edf275e4ebaf5⋯.jpg (879.75 KB, 700x1907, 700:1907, tim_page005_lr_by_dyperdri….jpg)

File: ecce5eb587c57f5⋯.jpg (638.22 KB, 700x2853, 700:2853, tim_page007_lr_by_dyperdri….jpg)

File: 624414e83ea184a⋯.jpg (607.35 KB, 700x2802, 350:1401, tim_page007_lr_by_dyperdri….jpg)




very nice. hope he adds more soon.



Src on that Big Hero 6 comic? Google got nothin'


File: 72d3ce0c7765502⋯.jpg (262.87 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 1424299945570-0.jpg)

File: f789cd7c70958ef⋯.jpg (229.86 KB, 669x1000, 669:1000, 1424299945570-1.jpg)

File: 89bac904d2fd897⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1500x999, 500:333, 1424299945570-3.jpg)

File: fda7c22ba4b930b⋯.jpg (814.48 KB, 1500x999, 500:333, 1424299945570-4.jpg)

File: 037dafb90f47bcd⋯.jpg (483.82 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 1424306592893-0.jpg)


Over the last ten years, I've amassed an impressive collection ABDL content (pictures/videos/stories/hypnosis files/etc).

Now I want to start giving back.


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finsel seems like a total emotional wreckage every week or so


and emma has a weird face but is hot af



finsel seems like extra nice and i feel bad like she doesnt want to be doing this stuff or shes unsure



Emma has a smoking body, but man she is loopy.



yeah, I actually hate most of the SJW bitches around but she's one of the few that doesnt seem that fake


yeah, for sure, if I ever go to amsterdam I would deffinitely give her nursery a check, looks very cool, but I wouldn't pay to take care of her thats just retarded. I'd rather spend an entire day by myself in her nursery and pay a small fee for rent.

I used to think she was a post-op trap due to her fit appearance at first

File: ce54a3d027feebf⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1776x3332, 444:833, 1483856350727.png)

File: ca255d1cbe4eb6f⋯.png (487.09 KB, 1024x976, 64:61, _commission__mommy_and_bob….png)

File: dd30edee78f0eb5⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1131x1238, 1131:1238, 2eafdfb87b3927112433d75036….png)


Who else likes getting hard in a diaper?

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File: 3db04a6144fc766⋯.png (552.4 KB, 1000x1165, 200:233, 3db04a6144fc766f52130f26b7.png)

File: 2f8342516604f1c⋯.png (839.67 KB, 1000x839, 1000:839, bae4eea87391a7eb6157.png)

File: 147855eac43f5f2⋯.jpg (406.87 KB, 964x1400, 241:350, SaHa_Kopipe_141.jpg)

File: 5be73918a6c2c05⋯.jpg (432.5 KB, 964x1400, 241:350, 9b77dedcfbc43fec19fd21802.jpg)

File: 49ee53b6ba449dd⋯.jpg (399.86 KB, 964x1400, 241:350, cae67dc113eebff22ef61f2b93….jpg)



I think it's pretty self-explanatory.


Where are the last three images from?



File: 7c42e1be60d5bac⋯.jpg (33.47 KB, 408x500, 102:125, 51-E7NMj-7L.jpg)


Old Thread >>30657

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



<spoiler>Google voice</spoiler>




Are there any actual legit risks to signing up for this site?


File: 7045bac6d2ca265⋯.jpg (26.28 KB, 720x405, 16:9, IMG_6933.JPG)

Anyone have any of the Tara Tainton diaper clips on MEGA. I'm mobile only since i lost my laptop


Anyone know where I can watch at this stuff for free


File: 1422748799704.jpg (73.15 KB, 666x924, 111:154, 14118370361.jpg)


Anyone else come to the dark side? I started five months ago, and my bladder has just about kicked the bucket in terms of control.
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Really? At what age and why?


I kinda want to try it for a while but I'm not really into it enough to mess in them, nor wear them for work. I wore really thin child ones when I was on a road trip with my ex-bf but he never really cared for ABDL.

Is messing just a mood ruiner for some of you, like does the smell get too strong right away?


Bumping this thread because it was the only reason I was able to meet very interesting people, and kinda nostalgic that I could help others again - even if I can't help very well.


Hey guys. I just want to say this thread helped me accept my desires to become incontinent and I think without it I would still be suppressing my most intimate desires. You guys have opened my eyes. I plan on untraining in the future. I can't right now because I live at home but I will later on. So I want to express my gratitude to you guys and everyone on this thread. I learned to accept myself and come out to myself about wanting to be incon and met some great people. Thank you so much.


I guess I can tell you guys this story. I'm extremely far away from being able to untrain, but one day I just decided to take the time to talk to my therapist about it.

I was really self conscious. I beated around the bush for a while. He even said "Have I ever judged you for anything you did before, anon?" I just blurted out "i'm into diapers". I tried elaborating, told him about ageplay and my desire to be incontinent. Then things went really downhill. A bunch of anecdotes about incontinent people he knew, and how bad it is. He even tried telling me that using diapers isn't enjoyable, because of the urine touching one's genitals. He literally tried arguing me out of liking diapers. I also briefly mentioned my interest in weight gain, which is a whole different story. That's not even a real kink of mine. But he just talked to shit to me, going off on one of his speeches. It was a giant load of hot air I can't elaborate on here.

I starting thinking "this is it. this is what I was afraid of it. This *is* the worst case scenario." I think what I did could be called dissocating. It was like my eyes darted off to the side, and they were focusing on absolutely nothing, and I was completely caught up in what was going on in my head. I heard the speech, but it was just like a record was playing; a record designed to make me feel miserable and piss me off. Eventually he said something like "You know normal people don't like gaining weight. And they like their independence, they don't like diapers. Why do you like dark things?" Then I blurted out "I don't fucking know!" I freightened the old little plump jew. I said something about how not everything I like is bad and how I wanted to start going to church. He made a joke about it. Then he changed the subject. I took the first opportunity I had to leave, walked out the door without making eye contact. Usually I would shake his hand say goodbye. I layed in bed that night fantasizing about suicide.

Since then it's been hard seeking a new therapist. there's a one I kinda think will be great for me, but he doesn't have my insurance. He might get it in the future. Sorry if this story is long or too off topic.

File: 20d1b1500d7716b⋯.png (746.97 KB, 904x1280, 113:160, 66a33924fdf7973e0fed77fd1e….png)


hit bump limit on previous thread >>26887

What are the odds anything interesting is going to happen this year?

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File: 1eeed9b334bcff7⋯.png (4.96 KB, 300x250, 6:5, WCPEX1wAtC-2.png)

File: ffbbe12df5b2585⋯.jpg (253.16 KB, 640x517, 640:517, Vivienne-Westwood-tits-boo….jpg)


only thing working is that she understands boobs are round other then that its another miss




Not that guy but I enjoyed it, it's good if you have an AR fetish. Trying to explain why AR is sexually appealing as a fetish to someone who doesn't have it is like trying to explain diapers to someone who doesn't see them as a sexual object though.

I know physical AR isn't particularly popular here on /abdl/ though because people always complain about it when okok uses it in comics



It's only gay if the balls touch. And they can't touch if you're both in diapers anon.



The irony is so palpable. I could use it as a summer home..



I enjoyed it, I would have liked it more without the furry stuff though, since we lack so much free AR content sometimes you have to be content with what you get… but then again, thats how I ended up dealing with my addiction to sissy stuff, because there was not enough ABDL shit available

File: 1458623907642-0.jpg (151.29 KB, 725x1250, 29:50, fire-emblem-fates-11-13-15….jpg)

File: 1458623907642-1.png (485.43 KB, 714x918, 7:9, camilla.png)

File: 1458623907642-2.png (361.55 KB, 493x746, 493:746, camilla 02.png)


Let's try something, anons. Post pics of characters you'd like to see drawn wearing diapers (preferably character who have never yet been drawn in diaper art). And, hopefully, some kind drawanon will come see this one day and lend their skills.

I'll start with Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates.

147 posts and 130 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 20c9145678b6a75⋯.png (72.16 KB, 633x685, 633:685, Ako_Tamaki_Anime_Concept_A….png)

Tamaki Ako from Netoge no Yome need some Diaper Arts


Characters from Girls und Panzer need diapered. Considering how lengthy those matches are and without a convenient place to go potty diapers are the only solution!


File: 2791036271a0a8c⋯.jpg (151.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Saki and Haruto.jpg)

Saki Rukino from Valvrave needed to be diapered



The creators of Valvrave need to be diapered and spanked for making such a shit anime


File: e2f1c6e58511cae⋯.jpg (831.62 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1490214571954[1].jpg)

Only a matter of time

File: 1415736267386.jpg (103.36 KB, 500x749, 500:749, 06fc15ba134db327dd298fe381….jpg)


Seems like a lot of abdls had some kind of trigger during childhood that caused it. What's your story, /abdl/? I'll start, I guess
210 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I discovered masturbation while watching Rugrats and the rest is history.



>until high school when the whole fetish blew up in my face in probably the worst way possible

You gotta tell this one, man, you can't just mention it and not share the details.


My story doesn't really start with a trigger. I grew up the older sibling with mine and my sisters time being split between her and my father and step mother. I was potty trained quickly and I recall the experience being somewhat stressful. My father wanted me trained quickly and was a bit gruff when I was growing up. My mother was equally impatient. I recall having an accident once when out with her and a childhood friend. She quickly rushed back home dragged me inside all the while yelling and flustered. She held out a diaper and screamed for me to put it on which I refused as at the time I did not want to. Growing up this kind of verbal and emotional abuse was normal and I became rather introverted as a result. Also worth noting my little sister was in diapers the whole time and much longer than me. I recall feeling slightly curious, but never really explored it due to fear.

Regardless my trigger came when watching this or well catching the tail end.


Feeling like I had been made to grow up quick in order to keep my mom from yelling this somehow triggered me. I wound up curious what it would feel like to wet a diaper which lead me to steal some cousins diapers and was sexually awakened from the experience. Since then diapers have been a serious turn on for me, but over time it evolved from something simply sexual to be more of a security object and I gradually developed a little/AB side. For me it is all about expressing my inner child which is so strong because I felt I had to repress any childishness growing up. This is also mixed with wanting to feel wanted and secure.


>be 5 yo me

>family had a vacation to a beach

>mom, dad, me, and older sister.

>neither me or sis is a bedwetter, yet parents insists on making us wear night pants when staying at the hotel

>played all day at the beach

>night, had some sleep

>surprisingly, sis woke up with her diapers wet

>apparently sis wets the bed if she's too exhausted

>next night, needed to use the bathroom, just let it go instead



I too, was out of my diapers quite early. Too early, and most likely, that too, were the roots of this fetish. I had a younger sister, who was in diapers much longer then I was. I usually liked to play with diapers, or wear them for fun. My parents always dragged me away from them. "You don't need them anymore! You are old enough now!"

My sister was in her diapers till like 3 years old or something. I was 5 at the time. I liked to care for her, or feel her diaper, see if it is warm. I also liked to have her close to me, hear her fart and messing her diaper.

Then I usually said, sis, did you poop in your diaper?

She says no of course. Then I smell her butt, secretly touching it and told her I would call mom or dad for her. I just watched while she was being cleaned.

We also slept together in the same bed during weekends, cus we always had a nice brother-sister relationship. I always liked to touch/feel and smell her diaper. And I just wish that I was still wearing them.

I kinda forgot about diapers when my sister got out of them too.

Obviously, when I became like 14, I got into puberty, hormones and shit, I thought about diapers again. Like any human, sex, boobs and asses is something that turns you on, but I just kept imagining girls in diapers too, wetting or messing themselves.

And when I was like 15-16, started to explore the internet more, I found out I am not the only one. It's a huge thing. Unfortunately, there are not too many girls (too open) about it, neither online.

I got my ex girlfriend in it and she wet herself regularly for me. She enjoyed it too, the horny bitch. But she was a slut that couldn't be trusted, so I broke up.

Unfortunately, I am still unable to find a nice diaper girl these days. I want to get rid off this fetish, but we all know it is impossible.

So yeh well, I just enjoy myself into diapers every now and then.

File: eae6a5a4e1fd793⋯.jpg (186.43 KB, 555x691, 555:691, cargo cutie.jpg)


How long do you think it is acceptable to keep a kid in diapers up until it starts to create problems?

32 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Kids fucking find this shit out somehow.

If they're 4? They wouldn't know because there is a low chance of that happening. so whatever.


You guys do realize this is a troll bait thread right? Ignore report and move on…



You DESERVE to have your throat slashed open. You should die violently as quickly as possible.



Why the fuck are you asking this forum and not either a physician or a medical website? Very few of us even have kids.



>this thread

Look OP, and anyone else here. Just because you like diapers doesn't mean your kid will. Diaper change your kids by the proper age. If in the future when your kid is older your kid starts doing stuff that would indicate an early fetishization, talk to them. Be understanding, Explain to them why they feel the way they feel.

I understand a lot of us have liked diapers from a young age, or wanted them from a young age. I know I used to watch diaper commercials and wish I used to be the baby in them. I remember watching the Rugrats often, and being secretly and inwardly devastated that my father told me that show was for babies and I needed to grow up (I was age 10). But this doesn't apply to every child. The best thing you can do is what I said to do before, raise your children normally and if they express or show signs of this, then talk to them or allow them to talk to you. Allow them to be able to trust you. I know I could never trust my parents still, even now about the myriad of things I think about in secret, but you don't have to raise a child who feels that way about you.

File: 1443970880811.png (211.14 KB, 647x919, 647:919, AusDpr_MixedComicsPreview_….png)


I guess a better title would probably be art request thread or something similiar however the point is basically for people trying to find content that isnt photos or videos.be it comic or story or anything really

Im personally looking for anything premium by ausdpr preferably http://www.lulu.com/shop/http://www.lulu.com/shop/aus-dpr/strangest-adventures-volume-1/ebook/product-21655240.html

but ill settle for anything, ausdprs premium stuff is hard to find.

126 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Does anyone have the newer pages of Immelmann's comic Blake and Wilson? I have up to page 45 but I haven't found newer pages of it anywhere.



Unlike some of you delusional faggots, I can accept the fact that I AM a degenerate, that there are people into this fetish that are even MORE degenerate than me and that we should all be gassed when the time comes.


I believe jamjarmonster had a sketch bundle too, anyone up for sharing that? :3


Does anyone have any cushypen?



Can someone reupload this?

File: 5eeab0e7718d744⋯.jpg (238.99 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 05.jpg)


So tried finding a request thread but didn't see one anywhere. I'm looking for one story in particular that I found maybe 2 months ago.


>the main girl wears a diaper to school and get found out. In panic she exclaims something like "I need them alright!? That means I have to wear them forever" or something similar.

>Friend approaches her and girl confesses it's for fetish not actual dependence.

>Friend points out that she's boxed herself in for the time being and has to wear them to school now for a while to keep people from catching on she doesn't need them

>Time passes and she slowly just stops trying to hide it from parents because taking them on and off between school and home gets annoying

>Becomes more and more diaper dependent until full incontinence because of the original lie

If anyone knows the story I'm talking about and could link I'd be very greatful.

27 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Anybody know a story about parents getting diapered?


Looking for one where a girl is a babysitter and she somehow get sucked into a TV and her charge keeps changing channels until she changes her into a commercial for baby diapers.



I think you're looking for 'Halloween Story' - By Lisa.



Anyone know of a story about international college student hired as a nanny (possibly as an au pair, I can't recall the specifics.) for a mom and her two children?

I think the more detailed story goes Nanny is studying psychology and realizes that the mom has a predisposition towards ABDL kinks. Nanny eventually bullies/talks/pressures the mom into wearing diapers. The oldest child recently started potty training, and the nanny joked that she was hired to change diapers for two and she was going to follow through with it. Dad is away for business more often than he is home and the nanny convinces the dad to go along with the mom's new situation. I think the story ended with the girl graduating college, returning to her home country, and sending a replacement student to continue the treatment of the mom.

Don't remember if it was sexual or erotic. It might have been because I'd only read it once or twice, but I remember really enjoying the story at the time.



Thank you.

File: 8c9264cd67f8ddb⋯.jpg (391.85 KB, 1440x1920, 3:4, 61187771.jpg)


Do you need a hug anons?

45 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Thanks anon No idea why I feel the urge to cry randomly


Makes me wonder what bathtime would be like.




That image is so CUTE.



I wish there was more images like it to be honest.


of course

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