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File: 41eba7baf635536⋯.jpg (25.91 KB, 405x300, 27:20, interlaced-scanning5-14249….jpg)


This board is only for discussing digital imaging. Thank you.

File: 2beaee4f69e4db8⋯.png (54.76 KB, 400x218, 200:109, 100%_Orange_Juice-Logo.png)



Not sure what it is you're looking for, friend. Five words, maximum: What is it you wish?



gee, i don't think i could wish for something i want in 5 words or less… i would wish for something that heals myself, but i know that it involves me really talking to specific people, having "heart to heart" (so to 'speak') conversations about each other and other stuff… plus i know what i would wish for if i could get something impossible but it is impossible… and i think y'all would exploit me in some way as usual anyway if i did wish for something… like someone who was pretty important until very recently asked me whom i loved and i said person 1 but then forces have been trying to make me hate her and have been grinding away at my love and desires, eroding them to totally a dull status… what i want is something like i was going to get in december 2014, i want to get closer to person 1 and to that guy and talk to 3 other people about things but sigh doesn't seem like it'll ever happen, and then i want to be with friends of mine i used to have when i was younger who were genuine friends to me, and then i want to work on my body and get healthier and then try to find some significant other who will honestly accept me for me in a loving way… even if it's only for a while… a while is better than 0 experience like that… not to mention the silence… but all those things seem so unwanted by all y'all and i surely can't fit all of that into 5 words or less… i want to be with people who share interests like mine and are at least somewhat kind to each other, like the friends i used to have… we value similar things and… and they won't hurt me on purpose… at least not extremely so like y'all do… yeah… i can't do that in 5 words or less, plus it's scary to think you would simply exploit me again…

really there's nothing i could really wish for in 5 words or less that would be of any value to me…



I wish to be immortal.



I don't think you really want that. Being stuck as you are, forever, with no possibility of expiring? Seems like an ill-conceived idea.

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