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File: 33b45411597da12⋯.jpg (454.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 567y475767454645y5b4gg4.jpg)


Discuss, or complain about anything related to the board, moderation, or any decisions made here. Post your suggestions or concerns here or email me them, I do read them.

Email me at: v9koperate@gmail.com

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>BO is now namefagging

fuck off, just put your capcode on, everyone knows you're board owner if it says in red ##board owner, no need for "virgin1" or "the last of the wizards" or "the first virgin" or some other edgy shit

dont become pantsuretarderu

File: 4a196f8986ca84f⋯.jpg (767.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, beautiful-01.jpg)


Hello. The banner function is back up and working again (finally) and it is time for our own dedicated banners. When I inherited this board, the current banners appear to be very similar if not the same to wizardchan ones, and since this board differs from that site, I think it is important that we secure our board 'identity' with our own custom banners.

Keep submitting banners, as this is an ongoing thing until I feel we have enough.

1. Banners must not exceed 500KB (that is, 512000 bytes).

2. Only the following filetypes are permissable:





3. Banners must be exactly 300px wide and 100px high.

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File: 6e3cc9367586c88⋯.png (19.68 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1000-meme-stare.png)

Gaze into the eyes of the memes and despair.

File: e7a51f8cb8c7d6c⋯.png (18.14 KB, 777x618, 259:206, ClipboardImage.png)


How do l stop being a faggot?

wow we still have the 75 char bullshit, i would call the BO a faggot but last 5 times i did it he banned me for a week so i will just call him a cuck

BO is a cuck.


stop liking dicks




Seems like a pretty cool BO


File: 69826303e4a029e⋯.jpg (41.79 KB, 544x499, 544:499, 1453750044898.jpg)


And op sounds like a cancer killing tg

If all your posts are like that you should stop posting



Nice to see you wrote something as an OP rather than just copypasting shit to get past the limit.




Thanks, cuck.

File: 1b1ed3c94a7b87f⋯.gif (62.87 KB, 500x283, 500:283, 9k.gif)


>genuinely hate people

>can't seem to find a single person that I like

>much less one that I want to be close to

>I'm lonely as all hell

What the hell am I supposed to do? It's not even that I'm lonely because I can't make friends, it's that I don't even get to that point to begin with; I can't find people that I want to make my friends in the first place.

How am I supposed to fix this? How do I fix either my loneliness, or my hatred of people?


I find myself wishing for human connection but any time someone talks to me I just don't care about what they're saying. I don't hate anyone, I am just indifferent to them. But I still want to find people I can love.




>Stop being a malignant narcissist

>Stop holding people to impossibly high standards (the world isn't your personal court jester).

>Realize that people (yourself included) are flawed and boring.

There you go, problem solved.

And remember, human interaction is a two way street. If you want to have interesting and engaging interactions with people it helps if you yourself are interesting and engaging and not simply a passive low energy wallflower.

File: 2f7f29b9ffafe93⋯.png (643.28 KB, 789x907, 789:907, 1483774076671.png)


So after failing nofap again and watching some movies, I came up with an idea. What if I were to punch myself in the head while watching porn? Eventually my body would come to associate masturbating and porn with the unpleasant sensation of being punched.

Any other virbots tried this technique? Seems pretty foolproof to me.

File: 8a1d064ec0a918c⋯.jpg (34.61 KB, 600x545, 120:109, 885db67f861e73ab082e414fbb….jpg)


If this place was born from the burst pus bubble of /r9k/'s ass, which was born from the burst pus bubble of SJWchan /r9k/'s ass, then I guess I'll be the one to begin this necessary containment thread.

I'm not doing this for you fucking spergshits or nothing. Fuck you all.'

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The more you orgasm the more you desire orgasm. The less you orgasm the more your body realizes it isn't going to get orgasm. So far nofap has enabled me to ignore all succubi, both 3D and 2D. I am able to devote all of my time to my shitposts. I am the master shitposter, the grand forcer of memes.



You need those contacts to vouch for you so they can prove you're not a derrorist. When I filled that thing out, I was still in things like school and boy scouts, so I just went to the few people I barely knew and had them sign it. You may be overthinking it; there are probably at least enough people who think they know you to fill up that paper.



Nah. You're the one triggered bby.



>says the crying nigger who bothered to post in the first place

Can't wait to go back to that board one day and trigger you some more by my mere appearance :^)



Dude, the group I'm from is an IRC room.

It's not related to /pol/ at all. In fact, most people there are /leftypol/. Do you really think you're the only person who's been kicked out of a group recently? I mean clearly you do, since you think I was fucking lying when I thought you were that dick, George.

File: 2b3d504bc2f1534⋯.jpg (126.57 KB, 580x903, 580:903, van.jpg)


http://cytu.be/r/8chtvmovienights is a 8ch based cytube channel that streams exploitation movies, B movies and anything low budget and "so bad it's good". We host a movie night 3 nights a week where about 10 people (most from the /*9k/ community) hang out and laugh at bad movies and perky titties.

Stream starts at 11:00 pm GMT (http://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/gmt) Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and shows 1 or 2 movies at a time. If you want a later/earlier show then we're happy to do those if enough people ask.

Movie suggestions are welcome but must be a full movie on Youtube and can't be mainstream B movies. We're not looking for The Room, Troll 2 or anything featured by RLM. We've looking to find the gems people missed and to watch new movies together not rehash old ones.

The /v9k/ BO has been very welcoming to us and I would ask people not to only bump the thread for the sake of bumping it.

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A guy who joined with a meme name then continued to spew memes and complain he didn't like B movies and we should watch something new instead.

Do you think any person who turns up is a net positive for the community or do you think cancer exists and should not be tolerated if you want a community that doesn't turn into /b/ or the current state of /tv/?

The choice between /tv/ and a dead channel I will pick the dead channel 10 times out of 10 because it's better to be dead then cancer.



you're gonna get this when you link anything back to 8chan. The online community you're linking to better be prepared for dealing with massive shit posting.


File: f8ab98c1ebe1684⋯.png (340.19 KB, 544x400, 34:25, vlcsnap-2016-05-15-10h33m4….png)

Would you guys be interestied in me casting Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend? Should I just upload it to youtube and give you the link for it?



Yeah, if someone dislikes the whole fucking point of the stream then there's no reason to keep him around. Let him found his own stream if he wants to watch something else.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Which is why he was fucked with and then removed. Shit posting is not part of chan culture, it's part of being a newfag who thinks they're part of chan culture.


Sounds good. We'll run it Monday along with New York's finest.

File: 07d6f661d5148a7⋯.jpg (98.75 KB, 720x552, 30:23, 0f7d1f22b8ac4acadb0565e194….jpg)


what button you pick? I would the yellow one. I like movies. The rest look like pretty shit choices with too many negative consequences

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The red one. Jokes on you, i-i'm alread-d-dy a stu-tu-tterer.


definitely gonna go for the green. pushing away dudes and whales will be easy as fuck, and at the same time if i ever get bored and feel like experimenting, they will be ready to bend over at moment's notice.


top kek


File: d99c826438a4686⋯.jpg (267.28 KB, 1090x1074, 545:537, Kek overlord.jpg)


Green is objectively the best because there really is no downside. So what if the uglies want my dick? I can manipulate them into doing whatever I want. I could finally fulfill my fantasy of going innawoods and starting a cult. Nothing but free money and orgies with my harem of beautiful women and /cuteboys/ for the rest of my life.



I'm pretty sure he's saying life as a woman is easier, so he can kind of see where trannies are coming from since they want to live the easy life.

That's just my guess though.


I think it's gray. My mind is always foggy like that anyways.

Red and green seem pretty based too.

You could pick orange and then flee the country.

File: d6cfc18a43c9288⋯.gif (904.25 KB, 500x532, 125:133, concerned.gif)


I'm not even sure how old I will be. I could either be 33 or 34. I lost my ID years ago and never leave the house so I can't get one. I only know it's my birthday because my mom told me happy birthday.

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your parents dont love you as much as his parents do

Honest answer

i live with my mom. i have to work but i get to live with her. if i dont work she will give me a few months before she kicks me out

But i have a cousin and as soon as he turned 18 his parents kicked him out. like 2 months after high school graduation they kicked him out

if my mom had kicked me out when i was 18 id be so fucked. im not a social person and deathly afraid of roommates because i read so many bad stories.

i dont know what to do if she dies before me



happy birthday nigga


File: 4615c37040f454e⋯.jpeg (263.6 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, maidchan.jpeg)

File: 194a71351f977bc⋯.jpg (60.31 KB, 406x437, 406:437, rbdy.jpg)


What are you talking about Anon? This is your birthday I will remember it.

Here, I made a cake for you ♥.


>No one but me will know.

>I only know it's my birthday because my mom told me

fuck off


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



true. There are some parents out there that are literally Giving Trees. I'd like to live a Neet shutin life, but I know how hostile the real world is. I've tried to form friendships outside my family, but none of them have been ever as close or trusting as I have with my family. You just have to admit to yourself that people only value you for what you mean to them.

File: 6c9570e14567461⋯.png (48.1 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1482798953831.png)



who /watchingthisunironically/ here?

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Whatever man. I'm just throwing ideas out there

I know if a 10yo girl said, "Yes" that I'd be down to fucking her and dating her and kissing her. As long as she said yes I wouldn't feel bad at all because she wanted it


File: 4d941d982102be2⋯.jpg (27.04 KB, 600x450, 4:3, porshe.jpg)

nigger do you think id be able to afford this car if i was blowing it all on some roastie?


File: 00e05f95622a257⋯.png (164.45 KB, 820x836, 205:209, absolutely truly terribly ….png)

normalcancer is absolutely fucking disgusting, there's even a cuckhold in there.

But honestly it doesn't differ much from here other than emojs.



928's are pretty cheap nowdays. I would prefer the 944 though.



This video pisses me off. Maybe I've just experienced enough enough to realize that girl is probably a whiny parasite to her family and the guy is an irresponsible dipshit who feeds off sympathy. I'd rather watch gore vid

File: 58b0bf3395009c9⋯.jpg (48.21 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 58b0bf3395009c9a0d41ccd222….jpg)


Apparently, I have recently started to scream in my head, more or less. At semi random times when I feel anxious or depressed or whatever else my thoughts just go "AAAAAHHH!" and it has been getting more and more frequent.

Does anybody else experience this? Do I need to worry?

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No, my post was completely off topic and random. I don't know why, but the OP post just filled me with an unexplainable surge of rage that made me capslock all that text and not even want to backspace.

Like that feeling you get when you're about to punch someone in the fact, but on a keyboard.



I only mumble dirty nigger


File: 0bb294be12b46c4⋯.jpg (78.69 KB, 468x347, 468:347, 0bb294be12b46c4d4876584eb1….jpg)


For the last 10 years minimum.

I'm stuck acting, doing things I don't like, for money.

No I am not a whore. But maybe that would be better.



>he doesn't hiss at dogs


All the time, tbh. Usually when I think of past times I've been humiliated or traumatized. I kinda get what snowflakes mean when they talk about being triggered, like whenever people mention piss bottles, even in jest, I immediately get a cold shock down my spine and I scream internally.

I think it's a kind of psychological defense mechanism, literally creating as much 'mental noise' as possible in order to drown out uncomfortable thoughts and memories until the anxiety passes.

File: bc3549ee0df13e2⋯.jpeg (587.93 KB, 800x1080, 20:27, ul.jpeg)


Do you consider yourself to be an incel or a volcel? Do you consider the dichotomy relevant?

I believe one can fluctuate between the two quite easily. I have no interest in perusing relationships, but only because I know it's not possible for me. Being volcel is part of my identity but I still feel >tfw no gf (ever) sometimes.

53 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Well, I've never actually put in effort in an attempt to get a gf, shit is too much work, but I'm not completely opposed to a relationship. Well, a relationship with a woman who is an actual human being, and we all know those are as rare as rocking horse shit.


>been confessed by a qt girl at highschool

>refused her

>been asked multiple times by girls in college to be there fuckbuddies/friends with benefits


I'm probably the only person who visits these boards who has proven his volcelability


Can you go back? I was a huge normalfag but over the last 10 years have withdrawn more and more from society, part of which now entails absolutely no interest in women or relationships. Does that make me volcel, or is it something else completely?



I don't know. Every serious attempt I've made at attracting a woman has failed, so maybe I'm incel. But then again, I've only made maybe three serious attempts at attracting a woman and there's no way to know that I wouldn't be able to attract some low-quality slut if I simply tried with more women, so maybe I'm volcel. But on the other hand, maybe that's because I'm extremely uncomfortable with discussing anything less superficial than the weather, so maybe that's incel.

I just know that I'm a virgin and a fucking autist. Incel vs volcel is really just a shit wizchan meme. If you're a virgin and you're here, odds are there's something off about you, and that's the uniting factor that keeps us all coming here.



You can't go back. Volcel = kissless virgin that doesn't want sexual relations

File: 5db36434eef1aa8⋯.png (675.36 KB, 638x501, 638:501, mspaint_2016-12-10_22-41-5….png)

File: da00d2571eac855⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1632x1598, 48:47, 1427583150986.jpg)

File: 2be49eb152880aa⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 2548x2500, 637:625, MALEVOLENCE OF WOMEN.jpg)


ITT we make each other upset with images that we found over the years

Post your best robros

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>echoes on milk

What a fucking newfaggot




top shelf trolling




Every time I look at that pic I find more in it I just recently noticed the yaoi folder


File: 2cb2a455e062c5f⋯.jpg (73.26 KB, 624x351, 16:9, lost-6.14-locke.jpg)


The implication is that that milk is a jew, obviously!


File: 9668e1e053c4b82⋯.jpg (266.92 KB, 645x412, 645:412, 1463959961351.jpg)

"He's not gonna get away with this." I murmur to myself.

I walk up to him.

"What are you supposed to be?"

My booming voice clearly startles him.

"W-what?" he squeals.

It was a rhetorical question.

My right fist connects forcefully with his weak chin.

Cosmic balance restored.

File: 48f34b1f79a5413⋯.jpg (142.38 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, w41_NMK71L7H9.jpg)


Bugs are cute. Get over it.

If you don't think wasps are sexy then you're gay. Case closed.

4 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


There goes my desire to fap.



I think people who are scared/revolted of insects are the most cowardly, spineless and retarded subhumans out there.



or maybe they just have a natural instinct of repulsion towards something that is so repulsive


I don't like insects but lately i've been watching a lot of videos about ants and they are pretty comfy


I think bugs are cute, but not sexy cute. More like "hello tiny friend" cute rather than "imma fuck that spider" cute.

File: fa8dff581660789⋯.jpg (108.19 KB, 637x900, 637:900, 1463824487630-3.jpg)


Money doesn't change a thing.

I haven't stepped off my property in a month. Sometimes I don't go for 2-3 months at a time. It's usually just for some fresh air… I'll walk the neighborhood. I'm basically a full blown shut-in.

I am an extreme anti-materialist (if that's a thing). I live in squalor with occasional piss bottles. All I have to show for my wealth is my bank account. I don't spend it on anything.

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How can I make sure you're OP, though?



Awaiting an email with proof that you're OP, I'll send you the pic of the escort and I'll probably even shit on her face given enough money.


Bump for OP to answer back




has op delivered



Obviously not, I haven't received any email. I'm still waiting in either case.

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